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The 21-Day Coding Challenge Starts now!

As you might know, the 21-Day Coding Challenge from Lighthouse Labs starts today, May 1st. This challenge consists of small daily challenges set to test your JavaScript knowledge, while participating in daily drafts to win great prizes. If you are familiar with JavaScript, it will only take a small portion of your morning routine and will kick-start your brain for a wonderful day.

You can now start your 21-day journey right now, with the first challenge here: https://coding-challenge.lighthouselabs.ca

Have fun, and code on!

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A blog by Marc-Andre Lavigne. I work as a Full-Stack Developer and I’m located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. Family father and Nature Lover, I write about a broader aspect of development. Less code, more philosophical thinking and experience sharing.

I’m currently working on Collabd, an app focusing on managing the different communications channels that a team use, centralizing the information in one place.

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