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Welcome on Marc’s Dev Blog! My name is Marc-Andre Lavigne. I work as a Full-Stack Developer and I’m located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. Family father, tech person and lover of the great outdoors, I write (sometimes) about a broader aspect of development and experience sharing.


Pulling the plug on Collabd

Yeah, that’s it, I’m officially stopping the development on my biggest side project to date, Collabd. Back in March, with the pandemic going…

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The Dark Age (Of Themes)

During the last few years, we have seen more apps and websites giving their UI the dark theme treatment than ever. Some people might think…

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WooCommerce Cyberimpact Hook

Cyberimpact is a Canadian equivalent of Mailchimp. It’s cheap and it let’s you build campaigns and marketing emails with ease. The only…

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The developer who doesn't code

The domain of development is filled with career growth opportunities. You might get to a point in your life where you’ll get to manage a…

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The 21-Day Coding Challenge Starts now!

As you might know, the 21-Day Coding Challenge from Lighthouse Labs starts today, May 1st. This challenge consists of small daily challenges…

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Kanban update 2 – Spring Cleaning

We just went through a very coarse winter here in Canada, what let’s me focus a lot more on indoor projects. Beside house maintenance and…

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We used WordPress to run a fundraising Hockey Pool...

… And it worked incredibly well! Seriously, what were you hoping to read? Actually, I’m not here to tell you that WordPress is the best tool…

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AJAX Page Load for WordPress sites

This blog’s purpose isn’t to share complete plugins and functions, but to talk about the process to make them. Since I have lots of…

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Yay! You found my notebook!

I might not be the most organized person, but I try to figure some tricks to my make my life easier now and then. Between 2015 and 2018, I…

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The quest for 100% - From WordPress to Gatsby

A couple years ago, a buddy of mine, who is a circus artist, needed a website to promote his work. Since I didn’t have much space in my…

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Kanban update 1 – Keeping it full!

A couple months passed since I started the development of my team/client collaboration platform Collabd, and some pretty good features have…

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Here comes 2019!

On my side, 2018 ended with a bang. We learned that my wife was pregnant with our second child. I cannot express how happy and proud we are…

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Hello World

Am I really writing an article titled “Hello World”? How original! In fact, like most people who blog, I have to start with a first article…

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