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Hello World

Am I really writing an article titled “Hello World”? How original! In fact, like most people who blog, I have to start with a first article, before going into the abyss of articles with a mix of philosophical and technical ideas! So here it is, my first post!

Let’s start with some presentation. My name is Marc-Andre Lavigne and I am a developer, wannabe prolific blogger, located in Quebec, Canada. On a day to day basis, I mainly works on projects that can be found in you browser (Websites, Web Apps, Intranets and the blog you’re currently visiting), but I also bathe in the world of Progressive Web Apps and Native Apps sometimes. French is my mother tongue, but I try to give you my thoughts in english for once.

Why does this blog exists? I write this blog in order to share my experience in the field of web development, without getting into the coding side. How many technical blogs are they out there? A lot. How many blogs talking about Developer’s life are they? A bit less! I’d like to talk about my life challenges as a developer, so juniors or people trying to get into the domain would know what might lurk ahead. At the same time, I was actually looking for an excuse to test out Gatsby once and for all! Pretty fantastic tool in my opinion!

So lay back, excuse my weirds turns of phrase, and enjoy this blog!

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About this blog

A blog by Marc-Andre Lavigne. I work as a Full-Stack Developer and I’m located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. Family father and Nature Lover, I write about a broader aspect of development. Less code, more philosophical thinking and experience sharing.

I’m currently working on Collabd, an app focusing on managing the different communications channels that a team use, centralizing the information in one place.

You should follow me on one of those fine platforms: Twitter, GitHub, CodePen.