Yeah, that’s it, I’m officially stopping the development on my biggest side project to date, Collabd. Back in March, with the pandemic going on strong and the office spaces going all remote, it would have been the right time to launch it. I took it as a missed opportunity back then, but looking back at it, I just put my time and efforts somewhere else instead and I’m fine with it.

I think it’s important to admit that this project had a good run even if I never released any usable demo, but it’s also important to shut it for good and move on to something else. It has been a great project to work on and it was the richest experience that I could have wished for. At first, I started this project to fix a real-life problem that I had at the moment, but it quickly became a big part of my learning progress and the occasion to test all the bleeding edge technologies at the time. I probably won’t have experienced that much in my daytime job, so I guess it’s mission accomplished!

I’m also sorry for people who subscribe to the beta phase and never got a return from me. This contact list has been destroyed and the form will be removed in the following weeks, at the same time as the landing page. I wish to thank you all for believing and having interest in the project. That really warm my heart.

Until next time!

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