Cyberimpact is a Canadian equivalent of Mailchimp. It’s cheap and it let’s you build campaigns and marketing emails with ease. The only downside is the integration options that the users have. If you follow their recommendations, you should probably insert an iframe on your site or if you are using a CMS like WordPress and wants some kind of automation, connect the two parties with a service like Zapier. They have an API that let you do what you want, but what about people with less coding skills, who just want to add the possibility to opt-in contacts to their list when they buy a product on WooCommerce? They’ll need a plugin! That’s why I built a simple plugin lately, while working on a project for a client who needed an integration between his e-commerce and his Cyberimpact mailing list.

The plugin (currently named Woocih), is in facts a Woocommerce Hook that add a checkbox in the WooCommerce billing form so that users can register to your newsletter while buying a product. It offers a light interface so you can setup your mailing lists. You’ll need WooCommerce, a Cyberimpact API Key, a mailing list and voilà!

It’s actually a work in progress, and it’s in no way affiliated with Cyberimpact, but if you have the same issues as I had, it might come in handy. You want to contribute to the plugin? Feel free to fork it. If else, go on and try it on your own projects and let me know what you think about it!

Download the plugin on GitHub.