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AJAX Page Load for WordPress sites

This blog’s purpose isn’t to share complete plugins and functions, but to talk about the process to make them. Since I have lots of questions about Ajax page loading on my day-to-day basis, I’d like to share a simple jQuery module that I use in the conjuncture of WordPress.

Did I say jQuery? Yep, you read me right! Since WordPress is using jQuery by default, I don’t feel bad using this Ajax Page Loader that I made a while ago. And between you and me, nothing made Ajax requests easier than jQuery!

Just add the code to your JS library, wrap your page content in the plugin’s wrapper and call the function on the link click event.

You can find the code here.


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A blog by Marc-Andre Lavigne. I work as a Full-Stack Developer and I’m located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. Family father and Nature Lover, I write about a broader aspect of development. Less code, more philosophical thinking and experience sharing.

I’m currently working on Collabd, an app focusing on managing the different communications channels that a team use, centralizing the information in one place.

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